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A suite of tools for the healthcare environment.


Our remote patient monitoring is hospital-tested, simple to use, and uses your iPhone or iPad together with inexpensive medical devices. Vital signs are seamlessly transmitted to your healthcare provider. If anything is wrong with the readings, your provider is immediately notified. Notifications are automatically sent (via UTM:COM) to the patients’ case managers or other healthcare personnel.

Flash! Our new partnership with OpenTeleHealth

Opentelehealth, which monitors thousands of patients world-wide, has partnered with UTM to develop an iOS client for their software. As well, UTM:RPM can be extended using OpenTeleHealth’s clinician-configurable questionnaire system.


Communications between emergency room departments and physicians require immediacy. However, privacy and security cannot be compromised. UTM:COM can send text, images and audio with a patented “cover” that prevents discovery by unauthorized parties. UTM:COM allows physicians to triage emergent calls without letting routine communications clutter communication lines.

Privacy, Security and HIPAA

All of our products are fully HIPAA compliant. We use the latest encryption technologies coupled with impeccable implementation. Our patented “cover” technology conceals private information from casual or unauthorized observation.

Ease of Use

Simplicity is the hallmark of our approach. Users find the interfaces to be utterly clutter free, logically organized and a study in usability.

Installation and Start-Up

UTM:COM is available either as a cloud-based service or may be hosted in a provider’s IT infrastructure. Users find UTM:COM to be so simple to use that it requires little to no training of staff.

UTM:RPM is only available as a cloud-based service.

Administration and Data Access

Both UTM products provide easy-to-use administrative tools that manage users and workflow. All data is kept in encrypted form indefinitely. UTM:RPM and UTM:COM provide for secure and compliant archival and remote storage of records.

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