The Company

UThisMe, LLC was formed in 2012 by Seth Lachterman, David Ackerman, and Cameron Melville. Originally designed to address SMS and email security, our app, YouThisMe® grew to encompass cloaking posts and tweets in social media.

In 2014, UThisMe, LLC partnered with Columbia Memorial Hospital in extending our technology to healthcare environments: UTM:Healthcare is a self-contained communication app for hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes and hospice agencies. In October 2015, the U.S. Patent office granted UThisMe, LLC. a patent for the our core technology.

The Management

Seth Lachterman
Founder of Encore Systems, a software company in existence since 1981, Seth developed a patented messaging technology in 2012-2013 which is the core of UTM’s products.

David Ackerman
Managing Partner of Karp, Ackerman, Skabowski and Hogan, LLP, David has been a leading figure in Accountancy and Finance in the Northeast, garnering over one thousand clients nationally and internationally. He has been a partner of Encore Systems since 1981, and is the managing partner of UThisMe, LLC.

Cameron Melville
A musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Cameron founded The Vortex LA, a Philanthropic Center for the Arts which strives for social and community change. His family founded the Melville Charitable Foundation.

Management and Coordination Team


Ole Breuning
Ole Breuning, CEO of Akotmedia, has spent over fifteen years developing on-line solutions for banks, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and Denmark. He has also been a video/film producer in N.Y.C.

Gayle Gendron
Gayle Gendron, an associate of (ISC)2, has more than 25 years working with health information technology (HIT) deploying solutions for insurers and providers. She has completed advanced studies in information security concentrating on protecting patient health information and helping organizations achieve HIPAA compliance.

Tony Kieraldo
Tony Kieraldo, owner of iTech Coaching, manages social media for UTM. He has also built their website. Tony is also a musician, teacher and artist.

Erin M. Marshall
Erin Marshall, MSW, JD has been UTM’s legal coordinator since its inception. She has worked at the Federal Defender Program in Chicago.

Mark Orton
Mark Orton held management positions at the VP level in a Fortune 500 electronics firm, co-founded a software company in the ERP market, he has worked with numerous start up and small company owners.

Warren Wexelman, MD

Dr. Warren Wexelman is a cardiologist in Brooklyn, New York and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Maimonides Medical Center and NYU Langone Hospitals. In October 2018, Dr. Wexelman was named Medical Director of UTM.

Our History

In 2012, Seth Lachterman, developer of the proprietary and patented YouThisMe® technology, felt that ordinary seemingly mundane messages and social media posts could cloak important private communications. He brought this idea to David Ackerman, a CPA and entrepreneur, who, as partner, brought in an invaluable group of interested parties to be advisors and managers.

Cameron Melville, a musician and entrepreneur as well, became the final member of our triumvirate. He founded the philanthropic center, The Vortex LA. His family founded the philanthropic foundation, the Melville Charitable Trust. Our credo has been to ensure privacy in communications for everyone in an age that increasingly exposes what we say and think to unwanted eyes and ears. By 2016, YouThisMe® had brought in the management and marketing skills of Mark Orton and Ole Breuning.

In that year, Columbia Memorial Hospital partnered with YouThisMe® in launching our technology for Healthcare and HIPAA communications which has greatly broadened the reach of our offering.