Introducing better encryption

KellyCrypto's new encryption protocol combines One Time Pad (OTP) with Elliptic curve Diffie Helman (ECDH), and is offered with custom hardware for highly secure implementations.

Flexible technology

KellyCrypto's core encryption model is adaptable to a variety of devices and uses.

Mobile to Mobile

End-to-end secure, private communication between devices on mobile networks

Desktop + Mobile

Secure, private communication across mobile and desktop environments via web application

Custom Devices

Tailor-made personal devices for secure health and environmental monitoring

Focused Objectives

Our patented technology is the foundation of products covering consumer, healthcare, government, financial, and education sectors.

Private Messaging

Secure Mobile to Mobile Communication

Our core private messaging application involves a unique dual-layer approach that provides added security outside the application environment by way of cover messages. The system was originally developed for use by medical personnel to meet HIPAA standards.

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Licensed Secure Messaging

Licensed, Fully Administered Desktop & Mobile Products

Our consumer-ready private messaging application is available for co-branded, licensed use by partnered firms. Licensed applications include administrative controls and an extended, web-based application for desktop to mobile messaging.

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Institutional Security

Mobile-driven Emergency Alarm & Monitoring System

Our flexible, mobile-based security system is developed for use in schools to facilitate secure contact among school administrators and law enforcement personnel during emergency situations. The program is readily adaptable for corporate institutions.

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Outpatient Monitoring

HIPAA compliant protocol

Our outpatient monitoring application equips medical service providers and patients with a cost-effective, user-friendly and adjustable means of managing individual patient health and communications following a patient's discharge.

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Industry Facts

In recent years, data breaches in the US have resulted in astounding numbers of stolen financial and identity records from a wide range of businesses and organizations.

MILLIONS of US GOVT employee records stolen 2014-15
MILLIONS of email & physical addresses stolen from JP MORGAN CHASE in 2014
MILLIONS of credit & debit card records stolen from TARGET in 2013
MILLIONS of credit & debit card records stolen from HEARTLAND PAYMENT SYSTEMS in 2009

Where We Stand

We recognize the need for structurally adaptive security.

A Brief History

The KellyCrypto Difference

Our stratified approach applies equally to customers who require centralized data retention and 3rd party monitoring, as to those seeking end-to-end, dispersed solutions—or even both in a single product.

  • OTP + ECDH
  • Fully customizable implementations
  • Exceeds industry standards
  • Meets HIPAA requirements

Company Timeline

KellyCrypto's parent company, YouThisMe(r), introduces its first private messaging application for secure end-to-end communication between devices on mobile networks.

KellyCrypto's private messaging application is adapted for use in hospitals to facilitate communication among physicians and administrators in keeping with HIPAA requirements for secure data transmission and secure, centralized data storage.

KellyCrypto achieves true random number generation for use by its secure communications applications via custom hardware with conditioned entropy.

KellyCrypto expands its services to enable custom outpatient monitoring devices and institutional security systems for use in schools.


Elliptic curve Diffie Helman (ECDH) is a particular key agreement protocol that utilizes modular arithmetic to create a math problem that is easy to generate but exceedingly difficult to solve. Even the most powerful computers would need thousands of years to unlock an ECDH problem through "brute force" computation. In other words, ECDH combines public and private keys between two end users in such a way that it is impractical for an eavesdropper to discover the end users' shared key from the public portion of their exchange.
One-time pad (OTP) cryptography works by randomly generating a private key for a single encrypted communication between two users. Since the key is randomly generated and used only once, there is no possibility for an eavesdropper to discern a pattern by analyzing multiple communications between a same sender and receiver. True OTP is "computationally secure," meaning that in theory it is unconditionally secure. But in practice, pure OTP is impossible since humans are involved in an OTP key exchange process and we inevitably introduce the possibility of a compromised exchange, even if great precaution is taken. For this reason, the cryptography community will always disclaim any purported OTP implementation, though it is in fact possible to achieve very high degrees of OTP integrity. KellyCrypto focuses on OTP key exchange solutions that minimize the possibility of eavesdropping, even on physical devices.
Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) is a means of verifying that data hasn't been tampered with on its way from a sender to a receiver. HMAC is not a method for ensuring privacy, but is useful for detecting man-in-the-middle activity that might otherwise compromise or redirect an encrypted communication.

Our Latest News

In 2016, KellyCrypto expands with a new REMOTE patient monitoring device and an emergency monitoring & alarm application for schools.

KellyCrypto Patent Broadened

We are pleased to announce that our parent company, YouThisMe(r), has succeeeded in broadening the patent for its secure communications technology to encompass the use of cover images entailed by our private messaging applications.

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Security is a global cause.

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