Who’s it for?


Consumers (You!)

Personal information security for your family, friends, and co-workers. YouThisMe® allows safe, effective, and private messaging, including photos and videos. Its ambient security prevents snoops from seeing your message by sending an alerting cover message.


Medical Administrators, Professionals and Patients

YouThisMe® allows safe, completely HIPAA compliant alert messaging to help streamline treatment regimes, follow up with patients, and communicate with other healthcare professionals. And because no data is stored on your device, your messages will remain secure.


Financial Professionals and Clients

UTM Finance Messaging is customized for the needs of secure finance environments, making it easier and safer to connect consumers to their accountants, bankers, or brokers.



HIPAA compliant

You have designed an app which should have widespread appeal. It is quick and simple and thus less likely to be bypassed by busy physicians while being HIPAA compliant and residing on a hospital controlled server and thus acceptable to administrators.

Christopher Gorczynski

Safer, quicker, easier

YouThisMe® has made contacting our consultants safer, quicker and easier. Overall improving the care we give to our patients.

Michael Weisberg


A Few More Words on Privacy

Whether it’s a push notification, a text, or an alert, our mobile devices now constantly and unexpectedly announce our activities. With UTM’s message alerts, these revealing moments are kept private, hidden in what appears to be an innocuous announcement. Only you know that they’re actually meaningful messages that someone has sent us.

In the healthcare environment, UTM message alerts help triage determine the priority of a private message—An “Urgent” message requires instant action; An “important” one can be dealt with in the next hour; and so on. But no case does the alert reveal the actual content of the message—your privacy is assured.