The Company

UThisMe, LLC was formed in 2012 by Seth Lachterman, Cameron Melville, and the late David Ackerman. Originally designed to address text message and email security, their app, YouThisMe®, grew to encompass cloaking social media posts.

In 2014, UThisMe, LLC partnered with Columbia Memorial Hospital to extend the technology to the healthcare environment. UTMHealthcare, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary creating remote monitoring apps for hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, hospice agencies, and other providers. In October 2015, the U.S. Patent office granted UThisMe, LLC a patent for the core technology. In September 2023, the company announced that it had fully synced its app with electronic health record systems, enabling the seamless and secure sharing of data across clinical settings.

Leadership Team

David Ackerman (1947–2022)

David was co-founder and managing partner of UThisMe, LLC from 2012-2022. For fifty years, David was also the managing partner at Karp, Ackerman, Small and Hogan, CPAs PC. He was a leading figure in accountancy and finance in the Northeast, garnering over one thousand clients nationally and internationally. He was also a partner in En-Core Systems.

Seth Lachterman

Seth was the founder of En-Core Systems, a software company in existence since 1981 and developed a patented messaging technology that is the core of UTM Healthcare’s products.

Cameron Melville

A musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Cameron founded the Philanthropic Center for the Arts, LLC (known as The Vortex LA) which strives for social and community change. His family founded the Melville Charitable Trust. Cameron has also supported medical relief efforts throughout the Ukraine crisis.

Mark Orton

Mark Orton has held management positions at the VP level in a Fortune 500 electronics firm, co-founded a software company in the Enterprise Resource Planning market and has worked with numerous start-up and small company owners.

Clayton Mullen

Clayton is Director of Sales. He has over 14 years of experience in health information technology, medical device sales and electronic health records integrations. He also has had years of international sales experience in Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and South America.

Brandon Lachterman

Brandon has over 15 years of IT consulting, help desk management, and cybersecurity experience, working on a wide variety of teams and projects. He has also been an advocate for more mental health awareness in the tech industry.

Consulting Team

Tony Kieraldo

Tony is the owner of iTech Coaching and manages social media for UTM Healthcare. Tony is also a musician, teacher, and artist.

Erin M. Marshall

Erin, an attorney, has been YouThisMe’s legal coordinator since its inception. She has worked at the Federal Defender Program in Chicago.

Ryder Cooley

Ryder is an interdisciplinary artist who has been working with UTM as a media specialist since 2015.

James Miles

James has worked in a variety of IT environments from small start-ups, to large corporations as well as help desk technical and leadership positions. He enjoys vintage machinery and scuba diving.